An Agency, A Law Firm & A Bad Decision

Guest post by:

Joel Goldstein, President, Mr. Checkout Distributors

As a business owner, I’ve had trouble finding a good agency that produces excellent work and communicates effectively. The first way I tried to find an agency was through business friends, and that worked relatively well until the firm I was working with closed its doors. After learning a few hard lessons trying to find a good agency locally, nationally and finally outsourcing internationally, I found the only way to achieve consistency was to bring the production in-house.

The problem with a growing company is that an owner/president or manager’s brain has to juggle everything from customer service to finance. I knew my strengths, and being a manager of a three-person creative team was not one of them. The search for the right agency continued.

Recently, when I needed to find a good public relations company to handle the media messaging for our clients, I looked to Agency Geek to do the legwork for me. I saved time and money, but more importantly it helped me make a smarter decision.

Unfortunately my experience sharply contrasts with what many business owners go through on a daily basis when it comes to finding and selecting an agency for ad, PR, marketing or digital work. Just a month ago a good friend of mine struggled with the process for his criminal defense law firm. He hired his wife’s brother, who owned a public relations agency, to handle all of his incoming and outgoing messaging to the press regarding the cases that he was working on. He worked more than anyone else I knew; 60-plus hours per week. Put simply, he was a busy guy and he trusted that his brother-in-law knew how to handle the press. He was wrong.

About two months after he hired his firm the Florida bar sent him a first and final warning about what he could and could not say in the media. The brother’s agency misquoted him and in a mainstream news outlet provided direct advice on how to handle an accident collision case (which is forbidden by the Florida Bar).

Business owners and entrepreneurs, hear this. Hiring an agency is not a decision to be taken lightly. Don’t leave it to chance. It’s 2016. We have technology that can streamline and automate the process for you thanks to Agency Geek. It’s the smarter, more efficient way to conduct your agency search.


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