So, Like, What is an RFP?

Hello, Geeks!

The AG team recently fielded a plethora (yeah, that’s right, a plethora) of questions regarding exactly what an RFP is. So we are here to drop some knowledge:

An RFP is a request for proposal. For decades, RFPs have been the standard method that businesses use to find agency partners. The traditional process includes a lengthy RFP document that outlines what kind of work a business is seeking and what type of agency they’d like to hire for that work. It’s supposed to include important stuff like budget, scope of work, payment preferences, brand description, goals and objectives and a hell of a lot more. Too often, it doesn’t.

RFPs are widely distributed to a number of agencies for a date-specified response, typically prompting dozens of proposals and presentations that are serious time sucks – for the agencies preparing them as well as for the RFP issuer sifting through all the responses. Could take weeks, could take months.

We Geeks created the Agency Geek platform to replace this antiquated process. We match businesses with the agencies best suited to serve them using science; an intelligent algorithm that utilizes more than 100 data points to see who will play nice together. The result? A short list of the businesses or agencies you should be speaking with, a hell of a lot less paperwork and a streamlined online proposal process that’ll leave you thinking: Why did we ever do this any other way?

Let’s get rid of the old and bring in the new. It is way past due.

Geeks, out.


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